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The Peterborough Chinese Community group offer support, advice and opportunities to socialise and connect with other people from Chinese community living in Peterborough and surrounding areas.

Faustina introduces the Chinese Community in Peterborough group and some of the things they do (first half in English, second half in Chinese):

The Chinese Community in Peterborough organises a range of events from social gatherings to support sessions on health and wellbeing. Some examples are:

  • Activities and social get-togethers
  • Support sessions with local services, district council and police
  • Wellbeing classes such as Tai Chi
  • English lessons
  • Chinese New Year celebrations

The group is taking part in Tempo Time Credits for volunteers. Find out more here.

The group try to provide as many sessions as possible for free.

Mental health issues and getting help (in Mandarin Chinese)

In this video, Faustina chats with two others about their personal experiences with mental health issues, including the difficulty of living in a foreign country, far from loved ones, and trying to navigate mental health care in a second language. They hope to help others in this situation see that mental health challenges are common and no one should feel ashamed, and they encourage everyone to seek help. Talking to professionals to be really helpful. If a person can’t speak English, there are people like these ladies who can help get appointments, and the NHS has access to translation services.

How to contact

Social media

Where to go

Tesco Community Room
Serpentine Green Shopping Centre

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