Personalised Eating Disorder Support (PEDS)

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Personalised Eating Disorder Support (PEDs) is a specialist eating disorder charity based in Peterborough. They offer assessments, signposting, advice and tailored sessions to both service user and families/carers, which include practical help, education and support.

Sue and Mandy talk about what PEDS does and why they started it:

PEDS offer at no cost:

  • Initial assessment
  • Signposting and advice to both service user and families / carers if appropriate
  • Online resources

Please contact PEDS for costs of:

  • Tailored individual / family sessions
  • Education, advice and training packages for GPs, schools and other organisations

How to contact

Where to go

Boroughbury Medical Centre
Craig Street
Peterborough PE1 2EJ

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