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PARCA, the Peterborough Asylum and Refugee Community Association, is a multicultural organisation that champions social inclusion. It is an inclusive charity offering community based support enabling individuals access to support, advice and skills within the community.

Meet Moez, PARCA’s CEO, introducing one of their many celebrations.

PARCA not only offers help and guidance on the asylum processes, the charity has grown to offer a huge range of services and activities to help promote social cohesion, integration, and relieve isolation and poverty in some of Peterborough’s most deprived areas.

Visit their website for more information.

PARCA Offer a wide range of services:

  • Translation & Interpretation: PARCA staff and volunteers speak in various languages. Ring them to find out more.
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Classes: high quality English lessons; they provide Pre-Entry and Entry Level 1 ESOL lessons. To register, please email [email protected]
  • Advice, Guidance, Orientation: PARCA can offer you professional advice for your problems.If you need guidance and support, they are able to help you through this. They are also happy to show you around the city if you are new, and help you understand life in the UK!
  • Housing & Welfare: make new claims for Universal Credit and Housing Benefit, Tax Credits, etc. Book an appointment on 01733 563420.
  • Form Filling: PARCA can help you complete all different types of forms. If you need translation, let them know before and they will have a translator ready for you. To book an appointment, call 01733 563420.
  • ​One-to-one Support: book a confidential appointment on 01733 563420.
  • Educational Training: can contact schools and colleges to help you get back into education.
  • Phone Help: free for use if you need to make an important call to organisations, schools, utility companies and local authority.
  • ​Photocopying Service: free photocopying service; ring to enquire.
  • Youth/ Adult Social Activities: they run a range of fun activities including a Breakfast Club, youth groups, children’s activities, and more! Check their Facebook and Instagram pages for daily updates.​
  • Employment: an Employment Advisor who will be able to support and advise on CVs, Cover Letters, Job Application forms and Interview Tips. Email [email protected]

They can also help with other issues including:

  • Emergency supplies: PARCA can give people emergency help with toiletries, clothing, shoes, children’s items and food vouchers.
  • Hate Crime: PARCA is a reporting centre, if anyone needs help reporting a hate-based crime.
  • IT skills
  • Accommodation
  • And more

Community space hire: Unity Hall for community events, meetings or conferences; ring to enquire.

How to contact

Where to go

PARCA,Unity Hall Northfield Rd Peterborough PE1 3QH

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