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Life After Lockdown is a five-week course designed to support your wellbeing in small groups no bigger than three to five people. You work through simple techniques that will help you feel more confident. Each week will focus on a different area of well-being.

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Katy introduces the course:

Some of us have been staying home a lot during the pandemic, and find we could use some support feeling confident in managing our wellbeing as we get out and about again.

This small group course runs over five weeks, exploring a different aspect of wellbeing and what we can do to boost it each week. The groups take place in a safe and friendly environments with no more than three to five people, and there will be no other people in the building. You will be with the same people each week so you can get to know each other as the course goes along, and give each other your ideas and tips for what you find works, too.

The course has a rolling start date whenever there are enough people for a group; dates and times will depend on the convenience of the people enrolled.

Open to all. Refreshments are provided.

This support is free of charge. You can meet with Katy beforehand for an informal chat about the course if you wish.


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