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Everyturn Mental Health NHS Talking Therapies is a free and confidential short-term therapy service available to anyone aged 17 and over living in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area. We are part of the national NHS Talking Therapies Service

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Everyturn Mental Health can offer help to people who are experiencing common mental health problems, such as:

You can self-refer directly to Everyturn Mental Health.

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Everyturn Mental Health has therapists with a range of different training and specialist skills so that they can provide the appropriate support for your particular needs. They offer therapy over the telephone, by video call and face to face in selected venues.

The therapies Insight offer:

The best therapy will depend on your particular situation. If you would like further information on therapies they offer, please visit their How can we help you? section.

How to contact

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226 Dogsthorpe Rd
Peterborough PE1 3PB

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