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East Anglia Veterans Association is a support group, a 'mini hub' for Veterans in Peterborough and the surrounding area, which has been established for 13 years. They have a very relaxed setting with a cuppa and biscuits, plus a holistic therapist.

East Anglia Veterans Association offers a monthly space where veterans can have a cuppa and chat with like-minded people with similar experiences, plus find out about and have contact with various relevant support services. You can also get help with filling in forms for support.

They are a family-run support group that knows what it is like to be part of the ‘military family’, and has experience with mental health issues like PTSD from serving the in Armed Forces.

There are representatives from various charities, groups, and organisations that are connected to the military, such as:

  • Project Nova (financial assistance)
  • Help for Heroes
  • Royal British Legion
  • Warrior Programme
  • and more

A Holistic Therapist who offers free head massage, Reiki, and other alternative therapies often attends.

Occasional lunches and other outings are arranged based on group wishes.

The group leaders are trained in safeguarding and health and safety.

There is no cost for the light refreshments, holistic therapist, support, military banter, or car parking.

The group ask for a small contribution toward meals and activities such as coach hire. Please contact them directly for more information.


How to contact

Where to go

Army Reserve Centre
London Road

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