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There are various options to help you get around in Peterborough, or in from surrounding villages, especially if you need extra support.

The websites to find the most information in one place are the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Public Transport and the Peterborough Information Network (PIN):

These pages not only have information about specialist disability-accessible transport, such as Community Link, but also options for buses, trains, and taxis. There is advice on how to get concessions for various services such as bus and train passes. The pages also have information about disabled toilets, assistance at airports, and driving when you have a disability.

Most transport options have a cost; please contact them direct to find out more.

Stagecoach bus company offers most of the bus services in and around Peterborough. On their website, you can find a journey planner, costs, timetables, and a route map.

If you are of state pension age or are disabled, you can apply to get a free (‘concessionary’) bus pass. Find out more, including how and where to apply, on this website.

Community Link
Community Link is Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority’s urban door-to-door service. It is a wheelchair-accessible service for anyone who lives in the urban area of Peterborough and experiences difficulty using standard public transport or who has no access to public transport.

The service will collect you from your home, drop you off in the city centre (four days a week) or a supermarket (once a week) and pick you up again for your return journey approximately two and a half hours later.

For a registration form or to make a booking, call The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority on 01223 790149 the line is open from 9am – 5pm Mondays to Fridays. At other times, please email [email protected] or leave a message on the answer phone. They currently require 48 hour’s notice of booking.

Rural Dial-a-Ride
Rural Dial-a-Ride is a wheelchair-accessible door-to-door transport service for anyone living in the villages surrounding Peterborough who has difficulty accessing the standard public transport services.

The service will pick you up from your home, drop you off in the city centre and take you back home approximately two and a half hours later. Membership of the Dial-a-Ride scheme costs a small amount per year.  For a registration form or to make a booking, call the Combined Authority on 01223 790149.

Concessionary bus passes are accepted.

CallConnect is a demand responsive transport service that fills the gaps between Peterborough, Rutland and Stamford where there is no provision of a regular commercial bus service. It is open to everyone, and this service is operated by Lincolnshire County Council.

Their vehicles are fully accessible and tail lifts are available to accommodate mobility aids, enabling all to travel. Make the most of this service to connect to rail and onward bus services to travel further.

To find out more, including cost, and book online visit their website.

Or to book via telephone: 0345 263 8153

Community Transport in rest of Cambridgeshire
If you wish to venture further afield, have a look at the Cambridgeshire Community Transport website.


Possible options for health care transport:

EOEAS of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust click here to return home

Patient Transport Service

This service takes patients who are frail or need specialist assistance to and from appointments at hospitals, treatment centres and other similar facilities.

This is a high quality service for patients which is safe, effective and flexible and gives people fair access to vital health services.

To find out if you or a family member are eligible for patient transport, please call 0345 6038117 or for more info click here.

NHS Refund:

If you’re referred to hospital or other NHS premises for specialist NHS treatment or diagnostic tests by a doctor, dentist or another primary care health professional, you may be able to claim a refund of reasonable travel costs under the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS). For full details and to check if you are eligible click here.


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