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Breast Cancer Now's vital support services are a lifeline for people affected by breast cancer. They give people support they need in a way that suits them, whether that’s one-to-one or in a group, face-to-face or on the phone or online, a one-off or every month.

What to Expect:

Breast Cancer Now offer a range of support and they can offer support in a way that works for you, with online, phone and face-to-face options.

More information:

Whoever you are, and whatever your experience of breast cancer, their free services are here. Whether you’re worried about breast cancer, dealing with your diagnosis, working out life with or beyond treatment – or someone you love is. If you’re affected by breast cancer, you can turn to them for support.

  • Ask Our Nurses – breast cancer and breast health can be hard to make sense of. Whenever you have a question, you can message their nurses for a clear, tailored reply to whatever’s on your mind
  • Becca (breast cancer support app) – an ‘in your pocket companion’ to primary breast cancer
  • Forum – online, with thousands of people with real experience of breast cancer
  • Helpline – worried about breast cancer, or have a question about breast health? Their specialist team are ready to listen on the free helpline
  • Living with Secondary Breast Cancer – secondary breast cancer is full of uncertainties, but you can count on the resources and support here, no matter what
  • Moving Forward – a course that gives you the tools to adjust to life beyond primary breast cancer treatment
  • Someone Like Me – you never have to face breast cancer alone. Find somebody who understands what you’re going through
  • Younger Women Together – if you’re aged 20 to 45, this tailored support also gives you the chance to meet people your age, who understand what you’re going through
  • Younger Women with Secondaries Together – meet other younger women who understand and get tailored support

For Men facing breast cancer Breast Cancer Now are here for you. There is a range of information and support on the Breast Cancer now website; Including links to forums and virtual meet up’s.   For more information click here.

Support from this service is free.

Watch this video and more on the Breast Cancer now You Tube channel:

They also have video’s spoken in Somali, Ukrainian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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