Taster Course – Nene Golf

Nene Golf: 1 minute golf tips

Introducing Thorpe Wood Golf Academy and their PGA Pros.
PGA Pro Matt Thorpe talks about how the body should work during the golf swing.
PGA Pro Suzanne Dickens shows a few simple tips on how to play better lob shots.
A small tip from PGA Pro Aaron Jones, on how to successfully get out of a greenside bunker.

Suzanne shows you the best way to get out of a nasty plugged lie in a greenside bunker.
Matt shows you a few key tips to help you strike your pitch shots much cleaner.
Aaron shows you how to strike your irons better, including a handy towel drill.

Suzanne demonstrates how to take advantage of those awkward uphill lies.
Chop stick putting drill with Aaron.
Matt shares 3 key tips to driving the ball better.

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