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Rachel teaches yoga, movement and mindfulness practices to help people with stress and anxiety or with chronic conditions like arthritis or restricted mobility, to get moving and feel better in their bodies again. Sessions are in person or online.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Yoga is a gentle practice that nearly everyone can take part in
  • Gentle movement helps the joints and body in day to day living activities
  • The in-person sessions are also a chance to socialise

What to expect

Rachel was first introduced to yoga in her early 20s when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It was recommended as a gentle form of exercise to keep her joints supple and to keep moving. This transformed her life, not only physically, but mentally too. Becoming a yoga teacher was a natural progression for her and because of her own need to adapt movements, it’s her mission to create classes that are inclusive, especially for those that may have limited mobility.

Rachel teaches both in person group sessions, and online sessions.

In-person sessions

Rachel’s slow flow yoga sessions are created to be joint friendly and beginner friendly, incorporating gentle yoga, mindful movement and breath to improve mobility, strength, balance and inner calm. Props are always provided for extra support if needed. These sessions are drop in and cost £3 per person, per session (cash only). If you have any questions at all before attending then feel free to email [email protected]

Chair Yoga: Yoga United (in partnership with Peterborough United Foundation) sessions are designed to support people with musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, helping to improve physical and mental wellbeing. To book onto this session please contact [email protected] and find out more on this page.

Online sessions

These are through a platform called Insight Timer, which you have to set up an account for, but is free. The platform has both free and paid for mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and other wellbeing content; Rachel’s sessions are free. See more and how to join on this page.

More information

The addresses of the in-person sessions are on the map on this page, and you can find out more including days and times here. Wear comfortable clothing and bring some water. You can contact Rachel ahead of time to discuss and issues/limitations or other queries you have. There are photos below to see what the venues look like. They have toilets, are accessible, and have ample free parking as well as nearby bus stops.

In person slow flow yoga sessions are £3 – payable in cash on the day.

Online sessions are free.

How to contact

Where to go

Hodgson Community Centre Hodgson Avenue Peterborough PE4 5EG

Nene Valley Community Centre
Candy Street
Peterborough PE2 9RE

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