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Think Communities uses an ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) approach, a localised bottom-up methodology to community-building which recognises that all communities have strengths and assets which can be harnessed to make neighbourhoods healthier, safer and more resilient.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • ABCD involves recognising and nurturing the strengths and assets within a community – both physical assets such as facilities and spaces and human assets, such as people’s skills, passions and time are valued and celebrated.
  • Communities are empowered to take social action and address local issues, in a way that is often more appropriate and effective than remote council services.
  • The Think Communities approach from Peterborough City Council is bringing together voluntary sector networks, faith, health and city leadership forums in Peterborough.

Get involved! Become a Community Builder

Do you want to help improve your community? Have you got an idea and a passion to make your community a better place? If so, we’d like to hear from you. We’ll help you become a Community Builder, to bring your idea to life. A Community Builder:

  • identifies and nurtures skills, talents and assets in the community
  • connects with other people in the community, and mobilises others to come together
  • organises and leads local action to improve the community.

Please contact PCC’s Community Connectors: [email protected]

[email protected]


Community Connectors have been employed by Peterborough City Council to support the embedding of the ABCD approach into the council’s everyday practice. Their role is to start conversations, bring people together, empower people to initiate activities to bring about changes that people want to see, and create community leaders of the future. The connectors work with community groups and other key stakeholders, identifying and upskilling community leaders to promote integration and reduce inequalities. They identify and nurture community assets, listening and aligning what they do to empower communities to take social action and address local issues. This often leads to more effective and suitable solutions, resulting in communities feeling safe, healthy, connected, and able to help themselves and each other.

Peterborough City Council have also put together information about help and support available around the cost of living. Visit their webpage here.

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