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The Kite Trust supports LGBTQ+ young people through social groups and 1-to-1 sessions as well as offering a postal lending library, a monthly newsletter and Netflix parties. They also support parents, carers and other family members of LGBTQ+ young people.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • The Kite Trust gives young LGBTQ+ people a safe space to make friends and feel validated within their identities.
  • It gives young people an opportunity to explore new craft activities, media and education.
  • It introduces young people to different members of their community they may not otherwise meet e.g. through school or work, and strengthens connections and widens community outreach.

‘When I came out my family didn’t accept me, I felt lonely and abandoned, then I found out about The Kite Trust and my life changed for the best. I found a second family where I am not afraid to be who I am, I can finally be myself and not feel judged or ridiculed.’


See what the Kite Trust does in this video made by one of their young people:

The Kite Trust offers free sessions and activities. Volunteer opportunities are also available.

To find out more please contact them directly.

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