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Shine Coaching helps people to get unstuck, to get clear, and to have self-belief and confidence, through 1:1 coaching.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Shine Coaching helps people to believe in themselves and make decisions so they feel less anxious.
  • It helps people to feel confident so they can cope better with their daily job and reduce their stress levels.
  • People feel listened to, encouraged, supported and motivated so they don’t feel like they’re on their own.


‘When I first started sessions with Jo I was stuck in a major rut. Working through these topics with Jo enabled me to finally see what was in front of my eyes all along. I am now happier, fitter, healthier and more fulfilled than I can ever remember. If I had further issues to work through I wouldn’t hesitate to book further sessions and I sincerely recommend Jo’s services wholeheartedly.’

How to contact

Where to go

68 Shore View
Peterborough PE7 8FS

An introductory call is offered for free so people can see whether coaching might help them and if Shine is the right coach for them.


1:1 coaching sessions are offered at a cost – contact Shine directly for price information.

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