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Project Abundance is building an eco-friendly market garden which provides, teaches and demonstrates concepts of sustainable living. They utilise a variety of techniques to provide healthy, ecologically farmed, low-cost produce for the local community, with learning experiences.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Gardening can feel good because you are actively doing something productive
  • You get a sense of achievement when you see results of plants growing and producing food
  • It feels good working with people on a common goal

“I really enjoy working on the garden here, it’s therapeutic, like medicine…plus working with good people you get on with – the two together is the perfect blend, a perfect balance.”

Meet Lewis, who runs Project Abundance:

What to expect 

Come learn about food sufficiency, regeneration and resilient food systems, from planting to tending, composting, harvesting, cooking, and preserving produce without chemicals. There are also workshops on using natural items to make things like pottery and candles.

Project Abundance is all about this, with an emphasis on health and wellbeing, creativity, and positive impacts in the local community.

Food that is grown is sold, donated to local food aid sites, or if past its best then made into stock, or dried herbs, or compost to nourish the next generation of plants.

For volunteering in the garden and gardening workshops, they supply all the equipment and a selection of hot drinks. They do have a few pairs of gloves, but you may wish to bring your own so you can ensure you have a pair that fits! Wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, and sturdy shoes.

More information

There is a grass and gravel parking area at the Green Backyard. Finding the entrance can be a little tricky, see the photos and video below.

There are grass and gravel paths but on uneven ground. There are composting toilets with a ramp for disabled access.

It’s free to volunteer to work in the garden; come lend your hand and learn as you go!

There are ongoing workshops you can sign up for which have a small fee to cover costs, including:

  • gardening
  • clay pottery and other creations
  • macrame
  • candle-making
  • sharing recipes to create a community cookbook

And more! There are also occasional events and festivities. Check their webpage to find out more and how to book (please book ahead when offered so they know how many supplies are needed).

In addition, Project Abundance sell their produce as weekly veg boxes. See their website to find out how to sign up and cost.

See what the entrance to the Green Backyard looks like, and the parking area:

How to contact

Where to go

The Green Backyard
Oundle Road

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