Peterborough Flute Choir

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Peterborough Flute Choir is a friendly flute ensemble with different sessions to meet all levels of players. Groups are available for all abilities.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Participating in the group gives a feeling of accomplishment, both when listening back on recordings and from receiving compliments on performances.
  • You get opportunities to develop friendships
  • You get time to indulge in a passion for music.


“The feeling of accomplishment; listening back to ourselves when recording for the wedding was amazing.”

Meet Charlie and the Peterborough Flute Choir:

  • This activity is subject to a fee.

If you wish to come along to one of Peterborough Flute Choirs sessions please contact directly.

Enjoy this performance by the Peterborough Flute Choir:

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Where to go

Orton Longueville

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