Olive Branch Community Garden

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The Olive Branch is a wonderful garden for locals to enjoy, learning to grow their own food, do some DIY, or just have a cuppa and relax. The community garden is at the heart of the Dogsthorpe and Welland area in Peterborough, where a warm and welcoming environment awaits all.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • being out in the fresh air and nature, with birds singing and green things growing, is like being in an oasis from daily city life
  • the garden is an informal and relaxed space, there are no demands on you, just having a cup of tea and a chat is OK
  • there are staff on hand to make sure that if you want, you can join in and work around the garden safely.


Colin introduces us to the garden:

There are many things to do, and all of them are free of charge. You can:

  • Get stuck into gardening, maintenance or DIY (painting, wood care, etc.)
  • Learn about plants and gardening, help out how you want
  • Join in one of the many community events
  • Come along to the City College learning programme, with classes on mindfulness, pilates, laughter yoga, and other wellbeing topics
  • Just sit and have a hot drink and a chat if you want!
  • Volunteer: There are a variety of volunteering opportunities, from gardening, helping out with activities, to admin and more. Contact them to see what is available.

The entrance to the Garden is a little tricky to find – it is a drive between house numbers 5 and 7 on Olive Road. Below are photos of the entrance driveway, the sign on the gate, the car park at the end of the drive, and a couple who will greet you on your way to the main space.

How to contact

Where to go

5-7 Olive Road Dogsthorpe

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