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Off Beat Workshops provide fun, interactive, and inclusive drumming workshops for groups of all ages. Playing drums as part of a group can have radical results on the physical and emotional wellbeing of participants, and strengthen connections that extend far beyond the session.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • group drumming is as physical a workout as you make it; as such it can burn calories, improve circulation and cardio function, and even lower blood pressure;
  • it can lower stress and improve mood;
  • it can strengthen connection and cohesion between group members.

“Laura is a brilliant workshop leader! Really fun and inclusive sessions with lots of patience and help for those who are new to drumming.100% recommend you book Off Beat Workshops. I’d defo do it again!” – Workshop Participant

Here’s an explanation of who Off Beat are, and what a workshop can feel like:


What to expect

Off Beat Workshops are fully inclusive and welcoming to all.

Laura is the lead workshop facilitator and there may be additional facilitators, depending on the group size.

Wear something comfortable and bring a drink as drumming can be as physical as you want it to be!

More information

Laura occasionally holds workshops at various community locations and at events. See her Facebook page or contact her for upcoming workshops.

You can also book Laura to hold a workshop for your group or event; contact her for more information.

Off Beat can offer taster sessions to showcase what they do in workshops.

Group drumming sessions tend to be priced per participant for a 1.5hr workshop, and there are concessions for people on a low income. Please contact Laura for up to date pricing.

Samba Workshop in full swing at Camp Wildfire 2022:

How to contact

Where to go

Available throughout Peterborough

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