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Living My Best Life (LMBL) has been established to help people who are older, disabled, sensory-impaired, or have long-term health conditions, and their family members and carers, to take part in ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE & ACHIEVABLE activities that are fun and engaging.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Taking part in regular physical activity lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, most cancers, dementia, and more;
  • Being physically active can also give a sense of improved quality of life and independence
  • Taking part in social groups can give you a wellbeing boost too!

How to contact

Where to go


Hodgson Community Centre
Hodgson Avenue
Peterborough PE4 5EG

Peterborough Museum 51 Priestgate
Peterborough PE1 1LF

What to expect

Living My Best Life’s collective aim is to provide not just inclusive activities and events, but an all-encompassing information hub and wraparound service for all those thousands of city residents who need daily living-related advice and guidance. A physical, mental, social and financial health and wellbeing A-Z.

Activities being introduced include:

  • Museum walks and talks
  • Balance classes
  • Indoor bowls
  • Indoor archery
  • Bingo
  • Seated exercises
  • Ballroom dance
  • Live music from 60s/70s/80s
  • Talks of interest
  • Healthy eating
  • Yoga
  • Quizes

Venues will include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Peterborough Museum
  • GP Surgeries
  • Edith Cavell
  • Church Halls
  • Libraries
  • Town Hall
  • Community Centres

Find the current list of activities and details about when and where they are being held here.

The LMBL team are determined to keep activities within the budget of most people. Unless stated, sessions cost no more than £3 including tea and coffee. LMBL is staffed by volunteers which means they can pass on the savings.

How to find the exercise classes in Peterborough Museum:

How to find the Hodgson Community Centre:


Emma Walker and Dale Parnell: Vivacity

Whether you’re looking to adjust your lifestyle to improve a health condition or simply need a little advice, the specialist health services are here to support you. Vivacity has a team of instructors who are qualified to support a range of health conditions, offering more gentle exercise sessions to support both referrals from GPs and those looking to kick-start a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Fiz Shaheen: Library Services

If you think that libraries are just for bookworms, think again! Fiz and her colleagues are hosting many LMBL activities including coffee and friendship groups, poetry, musical recitals, and some gentle exercise classes. Support your local library, the library will support you!

Sarah Wilson: Peterborough Museum

Peterborough Museum is one of the most iconic and historical buildings in the city, and Sarah and her team want to show it off by coming out into the community and talking about our history. The Museum also hosts varied exercise sessions, both inside the Museum and in the community, including a Monday morning gentle exercise class.

Jenna Lusk: Peterborough United Foundation
Jenna is absolutely mission bound: she wants to promote inclusive and healthy activities to everyone, regardless of ability, disability or affordability. Reaching out to those in the community, using the recognisable Peterborough United badge, The Foundation supports those that may be facing financial hardship, isolation, have mental or physical health challenges or even just want to get active.

Lisa Agyapong and Sarah Jacobs: Boroughbury and Paston Medical Centres

Lisa and Sarah are Social Prescribing Link Workers, specialists who can support you with issues affecting your health and wellbeing. They can offer free confidential advice and help connect you to support and services for any of the following:

  • Meeting new people, social activities/hobbies/volunteering
  • Emotional wellbeing – stress management/anxiety/loneliness and isolation
  • Lifestyle changes – weight management/smoking/alcohol
  • Education – skills development/training
  • Managing your money e.g. debt/housing/benefits

If you don’t attend Boroughbury or Paston Medical Centres, they can also refer you to staff from other surgeries.

Klayr Lynch: Adult Social Care

LMBL is lucky to be able to call on Klayrs’ expertise, knowledge and experience. Klayr has carried out many functions within ASC, but reablement is her passion.

Reablement means giving people over the age of 18 years old the opportunity, motivation and confidence to relearn or regain some of the skills they may have lost as a consequence of poor health, disability, impairment or accident.

The Reablement Service provides intensive reablement for people who are in need of support and is available for a maximum of six weeks, offering you a chance to gain new skills that can help develop and maintain your independence. As well as the satisfaction people gain from being able to do more things for themselves, input from the Reablement Service is likely to lead to less need for longer term care and support, and often no ongoing care is required.

 Chaz Fenner: Music for Dementia

Chaz is passionate about supporting people with dementia, their carers and family members. He performs in care homes, helping those living with the illness to recall the hits of their teens. Chaz, together with Angie, his wife, also host a weekly Sunday evening radio show on PCR FM.

Bryan Tyler: Disability Adviser and Chair of Make Peterborough Accessible Group & LMBL

As well as being involved in many local and community projects over the years, Bryan has lived experience of being in the target audience of LMBL. He’s rightfully proud to have launched and been recognised for several of his initiatives including Sporting Saturday & Inspire Peterborough.

Rachel Atkins: YOGAFLOWLY

Like everyone on the LMBL team, Rachel wants to share her knowledge with those in our communities who want to improve their wellness.

Susan Davidson: H.A.Y. Peterborough

As H.A.Y.’s aim is to showcase everything in the local community that is good for wellbeing, Susan is excited to be part of the LMBL initiative and help people find out about, and access, the activities and events on offer. In addition, the H.A.Y. website will be a useful resource for activity groups to signpost participants to any support they may need.

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