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The Latvian Association's (LCAIT) mission is to give people free classes and activities that they might not otherwise be able to afford with an aim of meeting new people, learning a new skill and forgetting about any worries for an hour or two.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It connects people with other people, giving a safe space for communication and building friendships.
  • It can help improve mental health by focusing on a creative activity.
  • The change of scenery from the everyday is very important – to have something to really look forward to in the week, that is just for you, which contributes to self care.

‘The yoga classes are something I really look forward to in my busy week, to just focus on myself and my mind and body. I’ve learnt techniques that I can also implement in my day to day life.’

Meet Iveta from LCAIT (first half of the video is in Latvian, second half in English):

More information

Community is at the core of LCAIT’s values. They are proud to be Latvian and proud about their traditions, and love to share them with others and love to see others sharing theirs!

LCAIT exists to help the community thrive and lead better, more stress-free lives. They are here to listen and help as much as they can.

Their wellbeing activities include a variety of things from talks on various mental and physical health topics, to cooking classes to yoga and arts and crafts. They also hold some classes online.

Most classes are free to attend. You may need to purchase materials, for example specific food items or arts equipment, like paper and paintbrushes.

LCAIT always cover all the tuition fees, but sometimes, for example during live yoga classes, the participants are asked pay a minimal cost to cover the rent of the venue. LCAIT will advise participants about any costs or supplies needed for specific activities.

How to contact

Where to go

Gladstone Park Community Centre
Bourges Boulevard

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