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Archery is a popular Paralympic sport. Vivacity have dedicated archery leaders on hand to help you enjoy archery and find a way of shooting that works for you, with specially adapted archery equipment specifically for people with a disability.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It’s a fun way to socialise with people like yourself and passionate archery participants
  • With the expertise and equipment adaptations, you can build strength and skill
  • You can gain confidence from seeing your abilities and skills improve!

Meet the archery instructors and find out why they love Inclusive Archery:

What to expect

No archery experience is needed!

Ring or email the team to talk to them about your specific requirements, concerns and questions. They will be able to talk to you about the adaptations and support available to make archery sessions fun and inclusive. There are stations that can accommodate wheelchairs, and one made to help guide blind people.

There is no age requirement, but participants must be able to understand and follow instructions about where to point (and not point) arrows and not to enter the shooting range unless given the all clear to do so.

There’s a carpark at the Focus Centre, and a ramp as well as stairs into the building. The gym where the archery sessions are set up is to your right as you enter. The Vivacity team will be wearing purple shirts with the Vivacity logo. There’s a table to the right of the gym entrance where you sign in and talk to the team, including selecting/getting adaptive equipment that they have on hand.

A team member will guide you through the bows and arrows and what to do, helping you in every step of the process. The team makes sure that everyone stays safe and off the target field while shooting is taking place, and everyone is allowed out to collect their arrows at the same time.

If you attend with a carer, they can learn how to assist you, and there are seats along the back wall for everyone to take a break whenever they want.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows a range of motion and won’t get caught in any equipment. Long sleeves are best to protect your arms. Tie back long hair. Wear comfortable shoes if you will be standing.

More information

There’s a disabled-accessible toilet.

Bring water and snacks, or there are drinks and snacks to purchase.

There is a small cost per session to attend, please contact them direct to find out more.

There are some drinks and snacks available to purchase.

See where to park and how to get into the Focus Centre and Inclusive Archery sessions:

How to contact

Where to go

The Focus Centre
Chestnut Ave
Peterborough PE1 4PE

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