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HAITO Karate is an independent martial arts club specialising in Kyokushin Karate with self-defence elements. They are dedicated to guiding everyone on their path to unlocking their full potential.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • They teach physical techniques and forms to enhance strength and agility
  • They also cultivate a resilient mental and emotional foundation to confront challenges in today’s world
  • Their classes are fun and social

“Sensei Gabi from HAITO Karate is teaching not only how to defend yourself but also helps us to grow as individuals.”

What to expect

HAITO Karate strives to positively change people’s lives by training them in life-saving martial arts skills.

The main mission is to spread knowledge about Kyokushin Karate and help students to gain experience by practising simple and effective self-defence techniques. Classes are taught using modern teaching techniques and equipment like kick shields and focus pads.

There are four classes for children and four classes for teens/adults per week. See their website for the timetables.

Walk-ins are welcome but it is better to book a place so the Sensei knows to expect you.

Wear comfortable clothing, have a bottle of water and don’t worry about shoes as they train in bare feet.

More information

HAITO Karate is located in a dedicated, full-time dojo (place of practice). The dojo is located on the 1st floor, sadly there is no wheelchair access.

Parents are allowed to watch the class or wait in the lounge.

You can try out HAITO for a 1-week free trial (you can attend 4 classes during the week).

After the free trial, there is a monthly membership cost and a yearly fee, please see their website for details.

How to contact

Where to go

Unit 3
Wharf Road Industrial Estate
Wharf Road
Peterborough PE2 9PS

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