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From Me to You exists to ease the loneliness and isolation that cancer sufferers can feel. They inspire people to write a letter to a friend, family member or a stranger living with cancer, to help keep them connected and bring some comfort.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • it allows the writer some mindful time out of their busy day;
  • it brings the writer the benefit of knowing their letter has made a positive difference to someone else’s day;
  • research shows that a routine of letter writing can increase levels of contentedness and lower instances of depression.

“This is a great idea. I work as a social prescriber and meet so many people who are lonely when struggling with illness, especially cancer. Even if someone has friends, they can end up as ghosts as their friends don’t know how to support them. It’s so important to show others that they are in someone’s thoughts.”

Hear why Justine writes letters for From Me to You:

What to expect

From Me to You offers regular online and in-person letter writing workshops to help people put pen to paper and write to someone living with cancer. In-person workshops are fun and involve creating and crafting cards and letters too if you wish, with refreshments to help stimulate ideas.

They also offer lots of free writing tips and resources on their website to help inspire you to get started on your first letter.

There is no set commitment – you can write as little or as often as you like.

Your letters can be for someone you know with cancer, or for a stranger via their ‘Donate A Letter’ scheme, where people living with cancer (or their loved ones) ask for a letter.

Workshops and online resources are free.

While they don’t charge to be involved with their writing workshops or their Donate A Letter scheme, From Me to You encourage voluntary donations via their website to pay for material and postage costs and enable them to continue to do their work, reaching more people living with cancer.

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