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Body & Soul Sessions are dance and fitness classes set to Northern Soul tracks. They are run by the arts charity Jumped Up Theatre. Short routines are broken down into easy sections that everyone can follow.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • movement and dancing sets you up for the day – it can lift your mood,
  • improve your flexibility and strength, and
  • it’s a fun way to burn 500 calories without you really noticing

“This session is better than therapy…once I have done this I feel really happy, it really lifts the mood…you leave on a high.”

“This has been an absolute boon for me, I haven’t done any exercise for a while, but this is a godsend. It’s also the social contact, just seeing people and being with them.”

Kate welcomes you to Body & Soul:

The Body & Soul sessions are free to access. They rely on donations to pay for the instructor but these are not obligatory.

  • You will be joining a small and friendly group who are always happy to see new faces.
  • Participants’ ages range from 20 to 75 each working to their own level.

Here’s a short taster of tutor Chloe demonstrating how to do the ‘rocking horse’:

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