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Bengali Sanskriti Club is a group of Indian Bengali families who live and work in Peterborough. They regularly meet and organise walks, picnics, lunch clubs, women-centric courses, festival celebrations, and promote music and dance through their groups Musafir and RituRanga.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It provides a respite from hectic work life and improves social skills
  • It helps improve mental health and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle through various sports, music and dance activities
  • It helps us celebrate and uphold our culture in a foreign country and pass it on to the next generation

“Coming for rehearsals with Musafir is my ‘oxygen’.”

“Sweet Bengal (food stall) reminded me of home, thank you for taking me back to my childhood.”

“Dance is my lifeline, grateful to have this group to share it with.”

Anamika introduces the Bengali Sanskriti Club:

What to expect?

The group meetings are informal and friendly. Larger events are hosted at community centres that have facilities such as wheelchair access, toilets and parking.

Activities include:

  • Counselling sessions when funding is available
  • Yoga & meditation classes
  • Lunch clubs
  • Music and dance sessions and programmes
  • Celebrations of most festivals, such as Holi, Dussera, Independence Day and Diwali – anybody who is interested is welcome to join

Anamika Ghosh, one of the founding members of the club, introduced it at the inauguration of the Consortium of Peterborough Community Groups.

Group activities, music and dance sessions, wellbeing sessions, and counselling sessions are free.

The sport sessions require a minimal fee for renting football slots. Lunch Clubs have a minimal fee to cover hall rent and logistic costs. Please contact them for more information.

This video shows the dance group performing at the Peterborough Diwali Festival:

How to contact

Social media

Where to go

Gladstone Park Community Centre
927 Bourges Blvd
Peterborough PE1 2AN

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